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Air Canada Flights

Air Canada flights to Canada

Air Canada airlines known as one of the largest flag carrier in the world that provides non stop flights. It covers 64 destinations in Canada with the best in-flight services. The popular destinations covered by the airlines are Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, etc.

Air Canada Flights to USA

Flights to the US

Airline cover more than 60 destinations to serve flights and vacation packages. The popular destinations are New York, Chicago, Boston, California, and Florida. Book Air Canada non-stop flights for these popular destinations on the lowest airfares.
Air Canada Flights

International Flights

Air Canada flights serve more than 150 international destinations worldwide. Get exciting deals & offers on vacation package for most popular destinations. Vacation package includes hotels, flights and car rentals. The popular destinations are Japan, Australia, London, India, China, etc.

Air Canada Reservations

Air Canada Flight Booking

Air Canada flights serve millions of passengers to 250 destinations worldwide. Passengers can book non-stop, one way, or multi-city flights to other countries. Subscribe your email for latest updates on flights and vacation package deals.
Call our reservations desk to know Air Canada flight deals. We help you to find the best available flight with the lowest airfares.

Air Canada Flight Check In

Check-in your flight either online or at the airport with required travel documents. The online check-in required passenger’s Name, Departure city, and flight booking number. Online check-in starts within 24 hours of the flight departure.
If you are traveling through a connecting flight then make sure to do the check-in for that as well. Bring your boarding pass and government-approved identity for security check-in at the airport.

Flight check in on airport

To do check-in at the airport kiosk visit at least 1 hour before the flight departure. On the other hand, passengers traveling in Canada should arrive at least 45 minutes before departure.

Air Canada Baggage Policy

Air Canada Baggage

Carry on Baggage

Bring items like laptop, Camera, Medications, Keys, etc in the carry on baggage. In addition to this you can bring a personal item as well. 

Size restrictions for personal items are 13x6x17 inches. For carry on baggage, it is 21.5x9x15.5 inches. Therefore, the carry on baggage exceeding the size limits will cause extra charge. 

Checked Baggage

Baggage should not exceed the size of 115 inches of linear dimensions and 85 inches of length. Moreover, bags more than 32 kg weight will considered as overweight baggage. Therefore, overweight, oversized, and extra baggage will cause additional fees. In case of extra baggage arrive at least 2 hours before the departure. 

On Board with Air Canada Airlines

Air Canada has 6 Categories of Boeing plane i.e. 77W, 77L, 763, 788, 789, and 7M8. Plane consists of different cabins, seat options, entertainment options, and food options.
Each cabin has different seat configurations, seat size, and rows. An onboard wheelchair and other accessibility features are available in all the planes.

In Flight Entertainment

Air Canada provides entertainment sources on your personal devices as well. The mobile application is available for both android and IOS smartphones.
Enjoy the latest movies, TV shows, choice of music, games, etc on your devices. In-flight wi-fi helps you to connect with your others and do your work.

Use the map tracker to know the real-time flight status. keep your devices charged with USB ports and power sockets.

Meal & Drinks

Air Canada provides a combination of hot meals, snacks, and beverages during the flight. In short distance flights with-in North America, enjoy complimentary breakfast, snacks, and drinks. 

In addition, a welcome drink will be served in Premium economy and upper class.

Similarly, Air Canada Bistro serves a variety of meals, snacks, and beverages. In beverages, you can choose Red or White wine, premium beers, soft drinks, juice, and coffee. In short, they have a variety of meal items to serve and enhance your joy.

Cabin Specifications

Air Canada International Economy Class

The seat configuration in most of the planes is 3x3x3 with 17.3 inches of width. In-seat attached power and USB ports to charge laptops, smartphones and other devices.

To enhance your travel experience enjoy Tv shows, Movies, Songs on 9 inches smart touch screen. For a comfortable sleep, you have an adjustable headrest, a pillow, and a Blanket.

Enjoy paid package food, beverages as well as complimentary meals for international flights. Above all get a hot towel and welcome drink served onboard after check-in.

Air Canada Premium Economy Class

Extra comfortable seats with ample legroom, seat pitch, and recliner from Economy Class. Enjoy on-demand entertainment with an 11 inches smart touch screen.
Get a complimentary earphone to connect with screen and carry it with you after the flight. On-demand premium meals, beverages, wines, and spirits. Enjoy a hot towel with every served meal during the journey.
During short distance morning flights enjoy complimentary breakfast meals and snacks. In addition, get priority services like check-in, boarding and baggage handling with 2 free checked bags.

Air Canada Signature / Business Class

This is the premium experience of traveling in mainline Boeing and Airbus. Enjoy the luxury of Maple tree lounge to kick start your travel journey.

It is also known as Air Canada business class with ample legroom, adjustable headrest and footrest. An excellent food and beverage services with International cuisines and imported wines.

Priority Boarding provides early check-in, rapid security check-in, and baggage handling. In short, this is the best option to fly with extraordinary features.

Air Canada International Economy Class

The best premium travel experience of Air Canada Rouge flights with a seat configuration of 2x2x2. This cabin has the largest seats with extra legroom, recliner, and curtain divider.

Moreover, use priority boarding service to check-in and baggage deposit with 2 free checked bags up to 32 kg. Enjoy premium fresh meals, beverages, choice of wines and beer during the flight.

Rouge flights provide a wireless player to access Tv shows, movies, and games. Download the player in your mobile devices to access unlimited entertainment.

Air Canada Flight Change & Cancelation policy

Basic Economy Fare Ticket

These tickets come with the least benefits as it can’t change or canceled after 24 hours. So, Airline does not provide any refund amount or a credit for future travel for these tickets.

Non-Refundable Ticket

Some of these tickets can be refundable under certain conditions after 24 hours. So, canceling a non-refundable flight can cause a penalty. However, changes (except the passenger’s name) can be done with an extra fee.

Refundable Ticket

Airline provides a full refund on these tickets if you buy your tickets directly. For unused tickets, the flight can be canceled visiting my booking section.

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Most frequent questions and answers
How to do online check-in with Air Canada flights?
Firstly, online check-in can be done on the website with routes or flight info. Visit Manage booking section and follow the steps with your flight number and last name. Secondly, get your electronic boarding pass with a mobile app to check-in easily. If you are not eligible for electronic boarding pass then get it at the airport kiosk.
How to cancel the Air Canada flights?
Flight can be canceled with both online and offline options. If you have booked your ticket on the website then cancel your ticket only on the website. Similarly, the tickets that booked on phone will be canceled calling reservation desk.
What is the baggage handling fee in Air Canada?
For basic economy fare class, the airline charges $30 for 1st baggage and $50 for 2nd Baggage. The cost is applicable on Checked baggage as personal items and one carry on baggage is free of cost. An extra amount of charge will be applied to the overweight baggage.
What is Air Canada airline's flight change fee?
The Air Canada flight can be changed until 2 hours of flight departure. It can be cost from $75 to $100 to change a flight and that depends on the traveling location. Any changes between 24 hours of flight departure can be done for free. You can make changes in scheduled flight information except passenger’s name with an extra fee.
How to choose the seats in Air Canada flights?
  • Choose the common or preferred seats on the website or on a mobile app.
  • Seat selection depends on the availability, so select your seat during the booking.
  • Selecting the preferred seats can cost an extra fee, but the standard seats will be free of cost.
  • The pre-reserved seats will be available until  2 hours of flight departure.
How to book Air Canada cheap flights?
  • Book your flight before 6-7 weeks of your traveling date.
  • Tuesday is the cheapest day to travel, so prefer traveling during weekdays.
  • Connecting flights comes with a lesser cost than the nonstop flights.
  • Always look for the latest sales & deals on the Air Canada Flights. Therefore, subscribe your email address to get updates.